Bayview Bistro


About Us


Urban space.

Bayview culinary enthusiasts.

Finger-licking food.

& You.


Bayview Bistro transforms a vacant lot to create an urban food hub in the sunny Bayview. The space features rotating local Bayview/Hunters-Point food entrepreneurs that are sure to satisfy and amaze your taste buds.

 Our space features bleachers, benches, and plenty of sunshine!

We invite friends, family, and workers to come out and join us.


Our Mission:

To support Bayview/Hunters-Point food entrepreneurs and provide a space for them to promote their craft to the myriad of people working and living in the  Bayview.

Our Approach:

To rotate food vendors at a vacant lot, transforming it to a food hub.


Bayview Bistro is sponsored by SFPUC’s Social Impact Partnership program and the Office of Economic and Workforce Development as an initiative to empower local food businesses in Bayview to expand their customer base to workers and residents in neighborhoods surrounding SFPUC’s Southeast Treatment Plant.


Andrea Baker Consulting (ABC) has provided community outreach, corridor activation and economic development in the Bayview/ Hunters-Point. With personal experience in minority communities of San Francisco, the Andrea Baker Consulting (ABC) team has focused on marginalized neighborhoods, helping to better connect them to the economy and community of the larger city of San Francisco.